Guys. I am SO PUMPED right now. And so is Sonny apparently 🤗💥💃🏼I know I’ve said this before…but it has been priceless to see the results from the ladies in my groups, to lift them up, and to now have a team of positive ladies reaching and meeting their goals…but today…I am 1/4th of the […]


Do you ever get stressed? This past year has definitely been insurmountably better for me with coaching and building my team, but back to school thoughts, sudden puppy surgery, tech issues, and car problems can get to ya. . Let me tell you a little story…for Lent in 2017 I decided to meditate for 20 […]

Weekend Work?

As a coach, I ❤ what I do on the weekends. Is it “work?” It sure doesn’t feel like it! Here are a few things I do: ✨ Recognize the Challenger of the Week in my group for their efforts the past week.  Socialize on Saturday. I just scroll and comment on what I feel […]

Bridges and Poo

Y’all let’s be real for a second. Life is full of bridges and 💩. And I know I talk about being positive and everything happens for a reason. But I know it’s not always that easy to understand that when you’re going through a hard time. . It took me three years to get myself together after […]


Have you ever wished you could have a mental transformation?🧠 My #tuesdaytransformation comes to this. My confidence transformation, to me, has been worth more than any pound I’ve lost. It’s been worth every single penny 💰 I’ve spent on my health to get me here. . The girl on the left  was shy and kept to herself. She didn’t share her […]

In Awe

Have you ever thought about the best memory you’ve had in this past year? ✨ I told my husband on his anniversary card that my favorite memory of our 2nd year together was taking a cruise 🚢 along the California coast and seeing Disneyland. I then asked him what was his favorite memory of this past year… . Guys 🙌🏻 I […]


Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t play your own violin?” It was a common one I heard growing up every time we’d get down on ourselves at gymnastics practice. At the time I kind of understood it, but now it’s so clear. . In this world 🌎 there are many things out of our control. Mother […]