The Alarm Goes Off

Wake up at 5. Leave at 7. Come home by 4:30. Bed by 10. Days go by. Then weeks…months…and years. . Change is hard. Sometimes it seems easier to stay where you are, or to hide. You think it’s easier to just go back to old, bad habits. . What if my health & fitness […]

Lean on Him

We are all broken in some way. Depression, anxiety, stress, working multiple jobs, losing a parent, losing a child, divorce, sadness, loneliness, feeling like a failure, feeling overwhelmed with work, pulling from the emergency fund, maxing out the credit cards, feeling stuck on finding your sense of purpose…but the one thing that has helped ground […]

Life is Messy

Life is sometimes messy. Literally and figuratively. Drop a 🙋🏻‍♀️ below if you agree. . Right now I’m dealing with some fears that I think have held me back in reaching my goals. One of them is avoiding conflict, or being afraid of what other people think of me. Over time, this can become messy. […]

Need a Nap?

😆 In all seriousness, it is SO much easier to take a nap with how hard adulting is. I was the queen 👑 of naps my first year of teaching. Some days I’d come home and just nap right through dinner. You know those 30 minute naps that turn into 3 hours? Yeah that was […]