40 weeks pregnant!

The letter board says it all 🤣.Got the idea for the bay size from @thegingypants . Baby is the size of a baby and needs to come out now! I also officially do not like due dates, only because baby isn’t here yet and the anticipation of when baby will decide to come is killing […]

I’ve got a secret to tell you!

I have the secret to get rid of stress eating and junk food cravings….NO you don’t have to give up pizza, brownies or ice cream. Or Chick-Fil-A if that’s your thing 🙌🏻. All it took me was one simple meal, once a day ((sometimes counting it as a snack and not a meal because, ya […]

Are you too busy to read this?

It’s funny, even when we get more time on our hands, we are all still so busy. 🤷🏻‍♀️.Now I honestly cannot say I’m busy at all right now tbh. I’m 38 weeks pregnant y’all 🙌🏻 and I’m out for the summer as a teacher. And with things opening back up here in Michigan during the […]

Nesting and Resting

Change isn’t always visible. Change can happen on the inside, too. // 24 weeks vs. 38 weeks //.Well obviously my growing belly and little to no muscle tone now is a clear physical change, but so much has changed for me mentally with baby on the way. Just recently I thought I wasn’t going to […]

• Blueberry Maple Muffins Recipe •

I’m so making these again! I froze about half to start prepping for baby a little. These were delish (and hubby approved!).Click the flag below this picture to save this recipe! ⬇️.1 c whole wheat flour3/4 c + 2 Tbsp. All-purpose flour (or pancake mix!)1/4 c ground flaxseeds1 1/2 tsp. Baking powder1/2 tsp. Baking soda1/4 […]

37 Weeks Pregnant…and I just moved back in!

37 weeks and baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce 🥬.This past week has been challenging to tell you the truth. I’ve grateful the challenge is now and it hasn’t been like this my whole pregnancy! Sleeping on my side is my only optional but the hip pain has been tough this […]

Weekend Prep

How do you prepare for the week ahead?.Well right now Cody and I are in the countdown until baby gets here with each new week that comes haha. And I’m sure working from home is different for everyone with the pandemic still going on, but it’s still important to be ready for the week ahead. […]