Teaching is hard

I scoffed during student teaching whenever I heard from other teachers say how hard teaching was.•But boy was I wrong. Who was I kidding!? Teaching IS hard. Sure, it is very rewarding as well. But you and I both know another pencil on the floor after you picked up about 20 off of the floor […]


• You are hard working, no doubt.• You have been through a lot.• You know a lot.• But you’re tired. Exhausted even.• You’re not sure why you’re crying sometimes.• Sometimes it feels like you’re just going through the motions.• You thought you had it all together.• You pull yourself together, kicking yourself for being sad […]

The “How”

▪️It helped me commit to getting a life coach.▪️It helped me commit to therapy.▪️It brought me so much confidence and self love.▪️It gave me a community of like-minded women and moms who are positive and always wanting to be better.▪️It gave me a body I love and am in better shape in post-gymnastics.▪️I am a […]

Michael’s Birth Story Part 5 (the last part!)

I do remember being a little nauseous when they started the c section but then it subsided. I felt some tugging and pressure, but nothing uncomfortable at all. It didn’t take long at all before they raised Michael over the curtain. Cody almost jumped out of his seat to see him and announced “It’s a […]

Michael’s Birth Story Part 4

My eyes opened. I felt AWAKE and more alert. I actually kissed Cody for the first time since being admitted into the hospital. Getting that epidural felt AMAZING. I know I didn’t want one and wanted the natural birth, but I am so glad I got that done if that were to have helped me […]

Michael’s Birth Story Part 3

The rest of my labor was a doozy, meaning I don’t remember the timeline well of when things happened from after they decided to induce me up until my c section. I was definitely in the zone, the “labor land” I’ve heard most mommas get into. I know my Doula got to the room around […]

Michael’s Birth story: Part 2

We got checked in easily to labor & delivery and they put me on a monitor for baby and a monitor for my contractions. Right after they did an ultrasound to check on the baby as well, and put me back on the monitors, they noticed after one of my contractions, Michael’s heart rate had […]

Michael’s Birth story: Part 1

Monday, July 6th was a pretty chill day. I didn’t share that I was in early labor because it was so easy to move around the house, eat what I wanted, and I was able to take two nice naps because I knew this might be a long night/next day coming. I didn’t tell Cody […]

July 1st; the 3rd Quarter of 2020

Sonny can’t believe we are in the 3rd quarter of 2020 already! 🐶.My goals for this quarter are:▪️To continue to rest more than I’m comfortable with because my body needs it! I did grow a human for 9 months after all. 🤰🏻Well, really 10 months now!!▪️To be more present, especially with our little peanut on […]