Hiding behind a smile

November 2014 • Behind this smile was an exhausted, overworked first year teacher who was not taking care of herself •.There were numerous times I’d come home crying into Cody’s arms ((or crying on the way home during my hour long commute)), overwhelmed with the amount of work I felt I wanted to do but […]

“What you do is a pyramid scheme”

Throwback to April 17th, 2017, when I just decided to become my own boss as a virtual coach. I was ECSTATIC to have found something that I could grow in, that there was no income cap, I could make my own hours, and help CHANGE WOMEN’S LIVES like I’ve changed my own with the workouts […]

Let’s normalize therapy

It wasn’t until Cody and I started thinking about starting our family that I realized I needed to get my mental health in check. I tried for too long to tough it out, downplay it, or talk myself out of needing help..It had been about five years of on and off chest pain that I […]

Our Michael is 1 month old today! 🐘🎉

He loves:• his @wubbanub or @philipsavent pacifiers (only way I got him to not cry for these photos! 😆)• his swing or bouncer• sleeping on mommy or daddy• staying up late with daddy• his owl nightlight• looking out windows or at trees• car rides• looking at himself in mirrors• being in a dirty diaper.He dislikes:• […]