You are strong, momma

For any new or soon-to-be mommas: you are stronger than you think you are..Take it from me! I was a basket case leading up to Michael’s birth. I did NOT want a C-section and all the drugs that came with it. I read so many books, listened to hours of podcasts, & we hired a […]

The struggle is real

We are back and that week and a half social media break was much needed 🙌🏻.Who knew how much our baby Michael would grow during this short time: one of his top teeth broke through and he learned to crawl 😳.As a new stay at home mom (and the personality that I have) sometimes I […]

10 pounds less

I weigh 10 pounds less NOW with an almost 8 month old than I did when I was in my first year of teaching 😳.The overwhelm my first year of teaching brought to me felt like the biggest weight on my shoulders. I’d be out of the house a total of 12 hours some days […]