Play it safe

My whole life I played it safe, kept my head down, and kept quiet..When my therapist asked me last year what my worst injury was as a gymnast, I laughed and said “I broke my big toe and had to get pins put in it. I was always scared of getting hurt so I was […]

9 months old

One day late posting this, but our little peanut is 9 months old! 😭.This past month, Michael has:.🦷 gotten his two top teeth, making his total teeth count now 4 (with the two next to them on their way 😬)👀 learned to crawl!!🕺🏻been standing on his own using anything he can reach and climb up […]

Mommy win and mommy fail

Being a mom is hard, y’all..I’ve been listening to the podcast @mamasaidpodcast this week and love it. Great humor for my fellow mommas out there who need a good laugh after a tough day. I wanted to share my own mommy win and fail from this week like they do on the show..Mommy win: I’ve […]