5 best tools/things I use on a daily basis:


1️⃣ Michael’s weighted straw cup. Michael can use this independently now. When we first started him on solids/purees at 6 months old we started introducing water at meals. I only give him about an inch full worth a day, which he doesn’t even drink it all (usually he spits it out once he gets it in his mouth 😂)
2️⃣ I love our (newish) @ninjakitchen blender that has a smoothie setting and an individual cup attachment.
3️⃣ I use our bow flex weights all of the time in my workout videos. They are chunky sometimes for some moves but overall love how easy it is to change my weights.
4️⃣ Michael eats in his high chair for all three meals a day now (and sometimes for snacks or watches me cook in the kitchen) so I knew we had to get a nice chair and I LOVE our Jeep high chair for him.
5️⃣ No picture for this but MOMMAS I am still using a boppy to breastfeed Michael so definitely invest in one of those if you plan to breastfeed!
I know these are random but of course it’s a mixture of things Michael uses too, duh.
Mommas ⬇️ what tools and things are you loving to use a lot lately?