9 months old


One day late posting this, but our little peanut is 9 months old! 😭
This past month, Michael has:
🦷 gotten his two top teeth, making his total teeth count now 4 (with the two next to them on their way 😬)
👀 learned to crawl!!
🕺🏻been standing on his own using anything he can reach and climb up with, like the couch
🫐 tried lots of new foods: beets, lamb, feta cheese, saganaki, sausage, asparagus, Cheerios, and strawberries
🙈 said some new words, like “yeah,” “no,” and “wow”
“Alexa, order drawer and cabinet latches.” 😂
It’s been so cool to see how excited Michael is every month as he grows and can discover new things. The pure joy on Michael’s face when it happens just melts my momma heart. ❤️