Big Mouth


Our baby definitely doesn’t have my small mouth 😆
Thought I’d share these fun ultrasound pictures with y’all from a few weeks ago. The second one was of our little peanut 🥜 basically waving during that picture and I was CRACKING UP when it happened. It was so adorable and so surreal.
It’s funny, before I was pregnant I never imagined if I could be a mom. It seemed scary, so many unknowns, and I thought “our life was already amazing without a baby, so we really need a baby?”
There’s so many unknowns when it comes to change. It can be scary. You can talk yourself out of it instantly with the fears and doubts that fill your mind. For instance, before I started my health & fitness journey, I instantly started debating with myself whether it was a good idea because:
❌ I was already exhausted as a first year teacher
❌ I felt there was no way I had the time to workout anyways
❌ There’s no way at home workouts will work for me…pfft those sound dumb (boy was I wrong on this one! 😆)
❌ I didn’t want to spend money on investing in myself with fitness or health or anything to improve my well-being (it felt selfish AND I felt my cheap gym membership was enough and I knew enough as a ex-gymnast to figure out…but new flash! I didn’t and had no motivation to workout anymore because I didn’t HAVE gymnastics anymore to work for)
So you have to decide: are you going to live in your fears and worry in your current circumstances, never changing, or embrace change and the new obstacles that come with it, knowing that you at least tried?
Just to be clear, of course I’m not saying go and make babies right now if you’re worried about change 😆 obviously making babies is a more serious conversation and thought process than deciding to better your health. ✌🏻 @ Royal Oak, Michigan