34 Weeks Pregnant

34 weeks this past week! 🍍.My team that has been through our 80 day workout program will understand when I say “pineapple” for this pregnancy 😆 You’ll have to go through the program too if you want to get the inside joke 😉.This week my belly feels BIG. Idk where or how our baby is […]

32 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update!

32 weeks and baby is the size of a cantaloupe 🍈.Baby has felt bigger this week for sure! His or her feet have been creeping closer up under my right ribs sometimes – so if you see me make a face like this 😳 or this 🥴 – that’s babe’s feet feeling funny by my […]

How to Break Your Bad Habits for Good

I have this funny video on my instagram (from this same post) of Sonny learning to climb the stairs at my mother-in-laws house. He goes up each step so slowly, perfectly, carefully…until the last two steps. The end is eye level, but he stops, turns around, and heads back down to the bottom of the […]

Life is Never Certain

Our world 🌎 and your life has never been certain..• Life can be gone in an instant •• A natural disaster can come without warning •• A car accident can happen totally out of our control •• Something can break or malfunction •.It’s just none of us have ever imagined something like this happening, SO […]

Podcast Recommendations During COVID-19

Bookmark this post for podcast recommendations to help you get through these times..I can’t stress podcasts enough to my Empowered Dream Chasers and to you all because of how much they have helped me get to this point on my mental health journey. They are FREE and so helpful – and there are SO many […]

Living Apart from my Husband During COVID-19

27 weeks and little peanut is the size of a head of cabbage 🥬.If you missed my stories yesterday, I decided to share some of what’s been going on with me, little peanut, and our family. I’m not one to share my struggles – I really like staying positive and showing you joy. ESPECIALLY during […]

My Struggles with COVID-19

From my stories yesterday:.“It’s going to take awhile for me to put into words how I am feeling and what has gone on in these past two weeks in my life and my family’s life. I know so many of you probably feel the same way – and might be suffering through so many things […]

What’s your legacy?

If you would’ve told me five years ago, when I started P90X, that Cody and I would meet the amazing Tony Horton face to face someday, I’d quickly say “yeah, right!”•The creator of the incredible home fitness program, P90X, that changed my life post-sport and as a first-year teacher, has helped so many others as […]

My Journey on Self Confidence

I wasn’t always this confident, as a teacher and in myself in general..I’d apologize a lot.I’d say “I don’t care what we do” or “where we go” when deciding on a restaurant or something to watch on TV 📺.I’d take everything personally even if it wasn’t personal at all.I’d blame myself for anything I saw […]

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