Big Mouth

Our baby definitely doesn’t have my small mouth 😆 . Thought I’d share these fun ultrasound pictures with y’all from a few weeks ago. The second one was of our little peanut 🥜 basically waving during that picture and I was CRACKING UP when it happened. It was so adorable and so surreal. . It’s […]

Baby Talk

Having a baby is SO exciting. Painting the nursery, holding baby clothes across your chest just imagining them there, every move you feel in your stomach wondering if that was a punch or kick, imagining what their personality will be like…the list goes on! . But you don’t hear too often that it can also […]

Finding out our baby has…

How is our little peanut the size of a coconut 🥥 already!? . I’ll have you know my belly button did flatten out this week! 😂 So you know babe is growing. . Something I haven’t shared with you all yet is we had to get another ultrasound after our 20 week ultrasound. They couldn’t […]

If my belly button could talk…

If my belly-button could talk, it’s screaming “Ahhhh!!!” . So you could say my belly-button definitely feels stretched this week 😆 But I’m still loving pregnancy so much. Our 20 week ultrasound last week was just everything I imagined and more. Total awe and bliss that our little baby is growing inside of me. Even […]

Bible Verses for Your Little Peanut

Getting teary-eyed thinking about how blessed 🙏🏻 Cody and I are to have a healthy baby so far and to get to see him (or her!) at our 20 week ultrasound today. If you didn’t already know, we are waiting to find out the sex of the baby until birth so don’t ask because we […]

I never thought I’d be “that mom…”

I never thought I’d be “that mom,” rubbing her belly and posting a video capturing baby moving on camera, but what the heck. I am enjoying this SO much and I can’t help but share the love with you all! (Check out the link to the video on my Instagram!) . If you look to […]

Who has the better baby bump?

Who has the better baby bump, me or my husband Cody? 😆 . My transformation photos are a little different these days but I love sharing the details bump updates with you all. . In week 12, I started feeling more like myself. I felt “hunger” again, whereas the whole first 11 weeks felt like […]

We Have an Announcement!…

🥜 In case you missed it from my Instagram stories yesterday, our little peanut 🥜 is due in June! .It’s been hard for me to keep this a secret for so long 😆 but I’ve also enjoyed having this first trimester just for Cody and I and our family to know. . There’s just so […]