Becoming a mom changes your life

There is no doubt becoming a mom changes your life..Your top priority becomes your babe. More time is spent around them and with them than anything else. If you’re meeting up with a friend or running errands, they are more than likely coming with you. Or if you’re just going to the bathroom. They’re coming […]

9 months in vs. 9 months out

Life was a little different one year ago 🤰🏻.The BIGGEST thing I have learned and am still working on is letting go of control after going through labor/birth and having Michael. I thought I had it down when it came to teaching, constantly reminding myself what was and was not in my control, but danggg […]

Canceling our Disney Trip

Just last week I was so looking forward to our babymoon to Disneyland. 🤰🏻Now I’ll be enjoying slow-cooked, stovetop oatmeal instead of microwaved oatmeal the next three weeks. . It’s wild how fast things can change. This is just a reminder from the universe, I think, how grateful we should be for our lives, family, […]

Why Your Emotions MATTER

To the girl who hides all of her emotions to the world, thinking they’re silly, embarrassing, or that they show weakness: . ••• You are worthy. ••• You’re past has made you YOU. ••• Your messes will be turned into your message, as long as you start to accept and embrace them. ••• It’s ok […]

Baby Talk

Having a baby is SO exciting. Painting the nursery, holding baby clothes across your chest just imagining them there, every move you feel in your stomach wondering if that was a punch or kick, imagining what their personality will be like…the list goes on! . But you don’t hear too often that it can also […]

Finding out our baby has…

How is our little peanut the size of a coconut 🥥 already!? . I’ll have you know my belly button did flatten out this week! 😂 So you know babe is growing. . Something I haven’t shared with you all yet is we had to get another ultrasound after our 20 week ultrasound. They couldn’t […]

Here’s Your Sign

// FAINTING & PAIN // My last two years at West Virginia University, every Christmas break, I used to have fainting spells. My body would finally have time to just chill, distress, and then it would collapse from the pressure I was putting on myself. They said it was dehydration, but deep down and looking […]


Having taught for five years now, most students are still right-handed, and I’m always shocked when I find out one of my kiddos is left-handed and I didn’t know it. Are you right or left handed? I take a picture of my feet of course because in gymnastics you also have a strong side and […]