Fun Fact About Me

Fun fact: DAILY I have an apple 🍎 and carrots 🥕 for lunch or a snack at some point, but during my first trimester, my food aversions had my taste buds thinking carrots tasted like dirt. Fruit was okay to eat when I was feeling up to it, but I couldn’t remember the last time […]

Here’s Your Sign

// FAINTING & PAIN // My last two years at West Virginia University, every Christmas break, I used to have fainting spells. My body would finally have time to just chill, distress, and then it would collapse from the pressure I was putting on myself. They said it was dehydration, but deep down and looking […]


It’s not a short term diet. It’s a long term lifestyle change. 🍩🍦💕 Drop a 💕 below or in my email and I’ll get you this smoothie recipe!

Chocolate, Popcorn, Ice Cream, Oh My!

Anyone else turn to food for comfort? Post an emoji in the comments of your go to! ⬇️ Before I started my journey, I LOATHED in two large bowls of skinny pop after teaching. I was so stressed and of course the popcorn never made me feel better. I actually started getting g headaches from […]