Becoming a mom changes your life

There is no doubt becoming a mom changes your life..Your top priority becomes your babe. More time is spent around them and with them than anything else. If you’re meeting up with a friend or running errands, they are more than likely coming with you. Or if you’re just going to the bathroom. They’re coming […]

Teacher Guilt

This post is difficult for me to share as a teacher. My first few years of teaching were TOUGH. As a new teacher you like to think you have it all together and can do anything and everything. You ever heard of mom guilt? I’m not a mom, but I believe TEACHER GUILT is a […]

Hey girl

➡️ Do you feel you were meant for MORE? ✨ Like you want MORE out of life and your current career isn’t fulfilling that urge inside of you? Do you have financial or time freedom DREAMS you don’t think are possible but want to achieve? Then Team Empowered Dream Chasers is looking for YOU! 🙌🏻 […]