5 best tools/things I use on a daily basis:

1️⃣ Michael’s weighted straw cup. Michael can use this independently now. When we first started him on solids/purees at 6 months old we started introducing water at meals. I only give him about an inch full worth a day, which he doesn’t even drink it all (usually he spits it out once he gets it […]

Play it safe

My whole life I played it safe, kept my head down, and kept quiet..When my therapist asked me last year what my worst injury was as a gymnast, I laughed and said “I broke my big toe and had to get pins put in it. I was always scared of getting hurt so I was […]

9 months old

One day late posting this, but our little peanut is 9 months old! 😭.This past month, Michael has:.🦷 gotten his two top teeth, making his total teeth count now 4 (with the two next to them on their way 😬)👀 learned to crawl!!🕺🏻been standing on his own using anything he can reach and climb up […]

Mommy win and mommy fail

Being a mom is hard, y’all..I’ve been listening to the podcast @mamasaidpodcast this week and love it. Great humor for my fellow mommas out there who need a good laugh after a tough day. I wanted to share my own mommy win and fail from this week like they do on the show..Mommy win: I’ve […]

You are strong, momma

For any new or soon-to-be mommas: you are stronger than you think you are..Take it from me! I was a basket case leading up to Michael’s birth. I did NOT want a C-section and all the drugs that came with it. I read so many books, listened to hours of podcasts, & we hired a […]

The struggle is real

We are back and that week and a half social media break was much needed 🙌🏻.Who knew how much our baby Michael would grow during this short time: one of his top teeth broke through and he learned to crawl 😳.As a new stay at home mom (and the personality that I have) sometimes I […]

10 pounds less

I weigh 10 pounds less NOW with an almost 8 month old than I did when I was in my first year of teaching 😳.The overwhelm my first year of teaching brought to me felt like the biggest weight on my shoulders. I’d be out of the house a total of 12 hours some days […]

Beautifully flawed

What are your thoughts on the body positivity movement?.Back when I was fresh out of college (7 years ago now yikes!) I got laser hair removal on my arms and mustache. Before that I used to bleach my arm hair it was so dark and long. I was ALWAYS self conscious about my arm hair […]

How to be more happy

Life will always be 50% hard and 50% absolutely wonderful..I hear this often from the Life Coach School podcast with Brooke Castillo. And it’s so true! For all of us! Yes, even Beyoncé. Yes, even for my sweet Michael..The only difference between the old me and the new me is how I react to the […]