Carbs, AHH!

Want to know a secret?.➡️ I love and eat carbs (mostly healthy ones! Like old fashioned oats and whole wheat items). Daily. Not only on the weekends as a “cheat.” But of course I usually enjoy (in moderation) treats for dessert, like a small piece of brownie, a small mug of ice cream, or that […]

Years ago

Years ago, I came home from another exhausting day of teaching, sat on our couch 🛋 to continue binge watching who knows what show, and just started crying. I had finally felt like I had gotten in a grove with teaching, but something was still missing. I envied that Cody had something outside of work […]

Goals vs. commitments

Do you have GOALS or COMMITMENTS for yourself?.Think of how different those two words feel inside of you when you have a GOAL versus a COMMITMENT. If you changed your goals to thinking of them as a commitment, what changes in your brain?.You probably shift to making those goals a PRIORITY and not just a […]

Becoming a mom changes your life

There is no doubt becoming a mom changes your life..Your top priority becomes your babe. More time is spent around them and with them than anything else. If you’re meeting up with a friend or running errands, they are more than likely coming with you. Or if you’re just going to the bathroom. They’re coming […]

Improve your mental health

5 ways to improve your mental health NOW! ⬇️ . Even as a stay at home mom, YES I am busy. The best kind of busy. 🤪 Michael keeps me on my toes. In the past week I have relocated our spices and pretty soon I’ll have to move our treasured Disney VHS tapes. But I know we […]

Slow down

Slow down..Breathe. Put your phone away and just watch your little one. We can learn so much about life and about our babies when we do this for just a short time every day. Being real intentional and just observing what they do or say. Watch how the simplest things become the most fun – […]

What led me to therapy

For years I contemplated trying therapy..I knew had issues and past trauma that I needed to address. I had been having chest pain consistently ever since I started teaching from the stress of it all, and I was sure that wasn’t doing my body any good. But I started sweating and my mind would race […]

No hustling here

TOP reason why I love our team culture:.We are NOT about the “hustle.”.YES, this business is HARD work if you want to reach a certain rank, income, etc…but our team leads with SERVING others over all of that. Especially yourself, and not hustling to exhaustion or overwhelm. Because that is fun for no one. 🙌🏻.When […]

Transformation Tuesday: food edition!

This month I’ve been in a challenge with other coaches on our team and I decided enough is enough with feeling guilty about not eating better on the meal plans that we have. Nursing, working out 5-6 times a day, and going for a walk at least every other day has seemed to allow me […]

Make a plan

Fitness tip that’ll help you win this week:.MAKE A PLAN. Once I was able to start working out again, as a stay at home mom, I knew I wanted to get it done after I got some food in me. I love food and I don’t do well without it if I workout first thing […]