The Physical Signs of Stress

Did you know I used to have random fainting episodes once a year? I also went to the doctors one year to check my heart was ok because I was having shooting pain down my arm and it hurt so much to breathe, I cried all the way home in pain. . These my friend […]

Who has the better baby bump?

Who has the better baby bump, me or my husband Cody? 😆 . My transformation photos are a little different these days but I love sharing the details bump updates with you all. . In week 12, I started feeling more like myself. I felt “hunger” again, whereas the whole first 11 weeks felt like […]

The Big Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. 📸 There were many days during this 6-week program I was exhausted from teaching all day {mentally and physically} and DID NOT want to press play. There were many times where I wanted a big, cold bowl of Trader Joe’s coffee ☕️ ice cream before bed with Cody, […]