• You are hard working, no doubt.
• You have been through a lot.
• You know a lot.
• But you’re tired. Exhausted even.
• You’re not sure why you’re crying sometimes.
• Sometimes it feels like you’re just going through the motions.
• You thought you had it all together.
• You pull yourself together, kicking yourself for being sad though bc you know you are blessed and should be thankful for where you’re at right now.
Did you know all it might take to get out of your funk is to get help? To ask for a little help? And to invest in YOU? It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to know a lot but still need some help and support. I was a gymnast for 13 years and thought I knew it all when it came to health & fitness, but I wasn’t even close to taking care of myself post sport.
When I told Cody I wanted to do my first home workout program with him my first year of teaching, I was at a pretty low point, like I might’ve described about you above. But all I had to do was ask Cody for help and invest in my own time to start taking care of myself. I am so happy I made that decision five years ago.
Won’t you invest in you? Aren’t you tired of being tired? Won’t you let someone help you on your journey? No one can take better care of yourself than you, darling.