Do you hide your emotions behind closed doors as a teacher?
You quietly cry yourself to sleep because you’re overwhelmed with teaching.
Or you cry in your car on the way home, hoping no one driving by sees you.
Don’t you wish you weren’t so anxious about it all anymore!?
Imagine being able to not take what happens to you in your classroom so personally.
Imagine being able to not bring work home ever again.
Imagine being able to “turn it off” when you are home.
This is exactly why I created my Take Control of Your Life in 2021 Launch Group, so you’ll get me as your coach to help you through these struggles and have a positive escape from your (important!) but taxing job. Because I’ve BEEN THERE and I know exactly what you’re going through.
I have helped a handful of teachers with my coaching and community groups since I started coaching 3.5 years ago.
You wonder if teaching will ever get better – it already is! You are an amazing teacher! You just need to start taking care of yourself ❤️ so apply to my January group using that link in my bio!