How to be more happy

Life will always be 50% hard and 50% absolutely wonderful.
I hear this often from the Life Coach School podcast with Brooke Castillo. And it’s so true! For all of us! Yes, even Beyoncé. Yes, even for my sweet Michael.
The only difference between the old me and the new me is how I react to the hard half of life. I used to wallow in my pains. I used to hide my crying and didn’t reach out for help when I needed to, thinking “I’m fine…I can do this on my own…it’s really not that bad it could be worse…”
How did I get to this place of happiness? A few tips that might help you that have helped me with my mindset work the past 4 years:
➡️ Talk to someone who loves and trusts you about what your struggling with, even if you feel silly about it. If you don’t have anyone, my DM is open. 📩
➡️ Let yourself cry it out, but then remember the facts of the situation. Are you really to blame? Did you do the best you could in the situation? Is it even in your control what happened?
➡️ Seek professional help from a therapist or counselor if your stress has turned into physical pain that won’t go away. You might have past traumas that you need to work though that you don’t even realize have been buried down. I highly recommend EMDR therapy if you do have childhood trauma. This worked wonders for me before I got pregnant with Michael. (You can’t do this therapy while pregnant due to the stress it can cause bringing back old stuff 🥺. I had to work through the trauma of losing my dad when I was 7 years old that I never fully got over.)
➡️ Start every day with gratitude.
➡️ Turn toward the Lord. He’s probably calling you to focus on Him more and His word.
➡️ Find a great motivational speaker that you vibe with. My favs are @robdialjr , @trish_blackwell , @brendonburchard , @chalenejohnson , and @bob_heilig .
What has helped you with your mindset since you started your journey? ⬇️⬇️⬇️