How to Break Your Bad Habits for Good


I have this funny video on my instagram (from this same post) of Sonny learning to climb the stairs at my mother-in-laws house. He goes up each step so slowly, perfectly, carefully…until the last two steps. The end is eye level, but he stops, turns around, and heads back down to the bottom of the stairs just as slowly and carefully as he came up them. Have you ever felt like Sonny before? So close to the end, you see the finish line, but you end up sabotaging your efforts and feel like you’re right at the beginning? Or LIFE happens and you fall back to your old habits?
Gurllll I’ve been there, too. I used to come home and ball my eyes out every time I had a hard day at teaching, especially if I let the stress and pressure build up every quarter or so. I thought I was doing so well, climbing those steps, feeling good, everything is fine, but then BOOM 💥 nope back to square one. My inner mean girl would come back to:
“I’m a horrible teacher”
“I’m so stupid”
“How have I not figured out this teaching thing yet”
“Everyone else seems like they have it all together”
Heres how I made it past those last two steps and into the life I love today:
✨I journaled. A LOT. About what I loved, what I liked, what I didn’t like, what I wanted to do or try, what others told me I was good at, what I felt I was good at. I needed this because I was losing myself in my work as a teacher. I didn’t have any interests outside of teaching, so I knew I needed something more to light me up again.
✨I DID something about my happiness and decided to become a virtual coach. I knew I love fitness and motivating others, and once I made that decision with the right team, I was SO PUMPED. My energy and demeanor changed overnight.
✨I have done self development ever since. Podcasts, books, webinars, you name it. I have committed to continue to learn about myself and how to be the best version of myself by listening to others who have done the same.
What has helped you get past your bad habits? ⬇️⬇️⬇️