Michael’s Birth Story Part 5 (the last part!)


I do remember being a little nauseous when they started the c section but then it subsided. I felt some tugging and pressure, but nothing uncomfortable at all. It didn’t take long at all before they raised Michael over the curtain. Cody almost jumped out of his seat to see him and announced “It’s a boy!” And instant tears filled his eyes. I was smiling so big, too. It was the quickest glance, so I guess I didn’t notice him, but later Cody told me how terrified he also was for Michael. He said he was really purple and he didn’t cry right away. I remember hearing Michael cry, not right away, but it didn’t seem like a long time. I also don’t remember Michael looking purple to me. I remember looking over at him under the warmer while they did assessments on him, and I saw his wiggling hands and feet. Even though he stopped crying, I knew he was ok. A huge sigh of relief overcame Cody at that time, I’m sure. They sent my placenta to the lab but I haven’t heard back on any results from it. My midwife said Michael could’ve never engaged into my pelvis with how much his chin was raised up when they took him out. Babies chins are supposed to have their chins tucked in. He was also clamping his umbilical cord with his hand when they took him out, which could’ve been causing those decels in his heart rate. He REALLY didn’t want to leave my belly haha. He was literally holding on. Our doula was able to come back to see us in recovery which was WONDERFUL because we used that golden hour to work on getting Michael some colostrum and showing Cody how he could help me latch Michael on (since I was pretty immobile and would be during my hospital stay). She was AMAZING (she is also a lactation counselor) and we were so glad Michael latched on. He did have a tongue tie that we later got fixed easily during our hospital stay that helped him latch even better. So, my birth story wasn’t even CLOSE to what I imagined and envisioned for months. I saw myself giving birth naturally with no drugs at all, but of course, God had other plans. I’m so grateful we both came out of this healthy and that Cody has been our rock through it all.