Years ago

Years ago, I came home from another exhausting day of teaching, sat on our couch 🛋 to continue binge watching who knows what show, and just started crying. I had finally felt like I had gotten in a grove with teaching, but something was still missing. I envied that Cody had something outside of work […]

How I really felt before having a baby

I was scared of how my life would change once Michael was born..I was going to miss life just being Cody, Sonny, and myself. I was super excited when I found out I was pregnant because it was planned, but towards the end of my pregnancy, I was also mourning what our current life was […]


I’m often scared to share my journey. . I feel this way because, honestly, all of this does feel easy. Transitioning into motherhood was tough schedule-wise because I felt I was working around Michael’s schedule, but I have still been able to continue my health & fitness journey without skipping a beat once he came […]

Stop being a victim

One thing Michael is teaching me to keep in check as I love on him as he grows, is not playing the victim mentality. Ever since we found out he had a clubfoot at our 20 week ultrasound, I didn’t bat an eye. I didn’t even know what clubfoot was, but I knew we would […]

Our Michael is 1 month old today! 🐘🎉

He loves:• his @wubbanub or @philipsavent pacifiers (only way I got him to not cry for these photos! 😆)• his swing or bouncer• sleeping on mommy or daddy• staying up late with daddy• his owl nightlight• looking out windows or at trees• car rides• looking at himself in mirrors• being in a dirty diaper.He dislikes:• […]

Michael’s Birth story: Part 2

We got checked in easily to labor & delivery and they put me on a monitor for baby and a monitor for my contractions. Right after they did an ultrasound to check on the baby as well, and put me back on the monitors, they noticed after one of my contractions, Michael’s heart rate had […]

37 Weeks Pregnant…and I just moved back in!

37 weeks and baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce 🥬.This past week has been challenging to tell you the truth. I’ve grateful the challenge is now and it hasn’t been like this my whole pregnancy! Sleeping on my side is my only optional but the hip pain has been tough this […]

Big Mouth

Our baby definitely doesn’t have my small mouth 😆 . Thought I’d share these fun ultrasound pictures with y’all from a few weeks ago. The second one was of our little peanut 🥜 basically waving during that picture and I was CRACKING UP when it happened. It was so adorable and so surreal. . It’s […]

Baby Talk

Having a baby is SO exciting. Painting the nursery, holding baby clothes across your chest just imagining them there, every move you feel in your stomach wondering if that was a punch or kick, imagining what their personality will be like…the list goes on! . But you don’t hear too often that it can also […]

If my belly button could talk…

If my belly-button could talk, it’s screaming “Ahhhh!!!” . So you could say my belly-button definitely feels stretched this week 😆 But I’m still loving pregnancy so much. Our 20 week ultrasound last week was just everything I imagined and more. Total awe and bliss that our little baby is growing inside of me. Even […]