Baby Talk

Having a baby is SO exciting. Painting the nursery, holding baby clothes across your chest just imagining them there, every move you feel in your stomach wondering if that was a punch or kick, imagining what their personality will be like…the list goes on! . But you don’t hear too often that it can also […]

I never thought I’d be “that mom…”

I never thought I’d be “that mom,” rubbing her belly and posting a video capturing baby moving on camera, but what the heck. I am enjoying this SO much and I can’t help but share the love with you all! (Check out the link to the video on my Instagram!) . If you look to […]

We Have an Announcement!…

🥜 In case you missed it from my Instagram stories yesterday, our little peanut 🥜 is due in June! .It’s been hard for me to keep this a secret for so long 😆 but I’ve also enjoyed having this first trimester just for Cody and I and our family to know. . There’s just so […]