40 weeks pregnant!

The letter board says it all 🤣.Got the idea for the bay size from @thegingypants . Baby is the size of a baby and needs to come out now! I also officially do not like due dates, only because baby isn’t here yet and the anticipation of when baby will decide to come is killing […]

Nesting and Resting

Change isn’t always visible. Change can happen on the inside, too. // 24 weeks vs. 38 weeks //.Well obviously my growing belly and little to no muscle tone now is a clear physical change, but so much has changed for me mentally with baby on the way. Just recently I thought I wasn’t going to […]

37 Weeks Pregnant…and I just moved back in!

37 weeks and baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce 🥬.This past week has been challenging to tell you the truth. I’ve grateful the challenge is now and it hasn’t been like this my whole pregnancy! Sleeping on my side is my only optional but the hip pain has been tough this […]

Weekend Prep

How do you prepare for the week ahead?.Well right now Cody and I are in the countdown until baby gets here with each new week that comes haha. And I’m sure working from home is different for everyone with the pandemic still going on, but it’s still important to be ready for the week ahead. […]

32 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update!

32 weeks and baby is the size of a cantaloupe 🍈.Baby has felt bigger this week for sure! His or her feet have been creeping closer up under my right ribs sometimes – so if you see me make a face like this 😳 or this 🥴 – that’s babe’s feet feeling funny by my […]

Living Apart from my Husband During COVID-19

27 weeks and little peanut is the size of a head of cabbage 🥬.If you missed my stories yesterday, I decided to share some of what’s been going on with me, little peanut, and our family. I’m not one to share my struggles – I really like staying positive and showing you joy. ESPECIALLY during […]

25 Weeks Pregnant!

My other app says baby is as big as an eggplant 🍆🤷🏻‍♀️ I liked the cauliflower comparison better 😆 . I don’t think any of us will forget this time in our lives right now. To me this is a moment in history that is challenging every single one of us in so many ways: […]

Mental Health Tips for Expecting Mommas

🍊 I can’t believe our little peanut is already the size of an orange! Wow! The fruits seem to be getting bigger these past two weeks of my second trimester but my belly doesn’t seem too big…yet. 😆 . I wanted to share some mental health 🧠 tips for expecting mommas tonight. These can help you whether you are […]