Teaching is hard


I scoffed during student teaching whenever I heard from other teachers say how hard teaching was.

But boy was I wrong. Who was I kidding!? Teaching IS hard. Sure, it is very rewarding as well. But you and I both know another pencil on the floor after you picked up about 20 off of the floor the other day, another blurt from a student after you’ve reminded them 20 times, sometimes you’ve just HAD it. And now the unknowns with schools opening with Covid…I know my teacher friends are stressed to the max.

And over time, unfortunately this starts to come home with you. It starts to eat you alive. You’re sitting on your couch at home, crying about an incident at school you know was out of your control, but you still feel like it was your fault.

But what if…what if having a group of women support you on your self love journey is exactly what you need to not let another pencil mark on the table drive you bonkers? What if you actually started ENJOYING teaching again just because you decided to help support other women with the struggles you’ve gotten through? What if your mental health improved from joining our team, Empowered Dream Chasers?

If you needed a sign, here it is, friend.

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