The Big Picture

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A picture is worth a thousand words. 📸 There were many days during this 6-week program I was exhausted from teaching all day {mentally and physically} and DID NOT want to press play. There were many times where I wanted a big, cold bowl of Trader Joe’s coffee ☕️ ice cream before bed with Cody, but I chose to have tea instead. So HOW did I get through this program with those feelings!?

💕My accountability group and my inspiring team of Empowered Dream Chasers.

💕Being a coach helps keep me more accountable, setting an example for my clients. {but hey I’m not perfect – I enjoyed a 5 day vacation during this program and enjoyed all the food! It’s about balance🙌🏻}

💕 My daily superfood meal that fights junk food cravings because of the missing nutrients it replaces in my typical diet. It also gives me energy and helps me think clearer.

💕 YOU. Yes, you. Every single one of you, even YOU, has helped me through this journey and fight to be better every day.

💕These workouts were only 20 minutes long and done from home so that made them so much easier to get them done.

We start round ✌🏻 on Monday. Are you going to keep watching or join us this time, girlfriend!?