“What you do is a pyramid scheme”


Throwback to April 17th, 2017, when I just decided to become my own boss as a virtual coach. I was ECSTATIC to have found something that I could grow in, that there was no income cap, I could make my own hours, and help CHANGE WOMEN’S LIVES like I’ve changed my own with the workouts we have. But of course, I was still worried I joined a 😱pyramid scheme 😱
That’s what you think this is too, right? What I found was pyramid schemes are actually illegal because it involves an exchange of money without goods being sold. We never make a dime off of recruiting someone unless they buy products. Our company prides itself on compliance and is very much LEGAL. Multi-level marketing businesses is just a different kind of business model than a small business, with the opportunity to create residual income.
Don’t you think I would’ve left by now if this thing wasn’t legit?